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Solace Estate Sales

Utah's premier company for luxury liquidation and estate sales. Serving greater Salt Lake City and Park City areas.

Let us help you. 

We organize, price and manage a professional, retail-style estate sale that gets your home cleared in less than two weeks. 

 Our commitment

Professionalism is our number one. We offer honesty, integrity and compassion with every client. We feel transparency with no hidden agenda is key. Our goal is to provide a wonderful, stress free experience for our client as we maximize their return on investment of personal property. 


 What we do:

Whether experiencing the death of a loved one, transitioning, or remodel we understand the liquidation process may seem overwhelming or too time consuming. Solace is here to give you peace-of-mind. We will handle the entire liquidation process from start to finish. In most cases we can get your home cleared in as little as two weeks so you can move on to your next order of business. Every estate is unique which is why we take a customized approach specifically tailored to each sale with an emphasis on profitability. 


 What you can expect:

 ◦ Free consultation

◦ Organization 

 ◦ Staging 

 ◦ Appraisal/Pricing

 ◦ Elegant and beautifully staged 2-3 day estate/tag sale 

 ◦ Clean-out options 

 ◦ Transaction sheet and payment within 7 business days 


 ◦On-site estate/tag sale 

 ◦Private Sales

 ◦Online liquidation sale 

 ◦Clean-out only

Recognized as most viewed estate sale company in Utah! 

Upcoming Sales:

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