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Why choose Solace Estate Sales?


As Utah's most trusted estate sale company, we give each and every client and their belongings our utmost respect. We're a large team with a small feel. Our job is to ease the transition and take care of your things. We treat every client with compassion, because we care.

Do you advertise
the sales?


Yes! We use very strategic marketing/advertising strategies to reach tens of thousands of buyers for each sale. We are recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Viewed Estate Sales Companies in Utah each month for 2023, according to 

Will my items
be safe?


Safety of your valuables
is always taken seriously
and security will be provided. Solace Estate Sales and Services, LLC is licensed and insured. You're always
safe with us.

Do I need to go through the boxes?


Absolutely not! Our biggest piece of advice to clients is
wait for us. The number one mistake we see time and
time again is clients throwing
away or donating some of our best sellers.

Do I need to set up?


No, that's what we're here for! We set up and stage retail-style
sales to get you the biggest return possible.

Do you have a warehouse?


No. We won't disrespect you with 'offers' to dispose of your items for free. We know that there is value in your belongings. Let us help you.

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