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How It Works

We understand the process of liquidating your
personal or loved ones' belongings can be overwhelming,
that's why we've put together this quick and
easy step-by-step guide.


Step 1:

We always start with a free consultation where we will discuss the best options in liquidating yours or a family member's assets.
We understand that every family unit is different, that's why we pride ourselves in providing a customized approach that's unique to your needs.

Details such as cost, financial agreements, and planning will be discussed and is specialized with each individual sale and need in mind.

You can relax and allow us to take on the stress of providing a clean, safe and professional estate/liquidation sale.

Step 2:

We will separate what is to be sold, auctioned, donated or disposed of.
Any items that the family chooses to
keep will be put aside.
We are fully responsible for set-up, appraising, pricing, marketing,
advertising, and sales.

Step 3:
The Sale

For on-site sales, the Solace team will
hold a professional 2-4 day estate sale accomplishing our client’s objective.
Our team takes care to stage a professional, clean, inviting retail-style atmosphere to maximize profitability.

Step 4:
After the Sale

Should there be any items left at the end of the sale, we will then discuss the best option for total clean-out of the home.
These options include:
Online Auction
Keeping the items
*You will receive an itemized receipt for tax purposes​

​We will do a final broom sweep and wipe down of counters upon completion.
A detailed accounting spreadsheet will be provided of sale items. Your portion of the sales will be given by payment within 7 business days of completion.
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